About S.P.A.D.C.

Single Point Aerial Dance Company is a collective of NYC based aerialists lead by Liz Minnick, S.P.A.D.C owner and founder. 

Becoming an aerial coach remains the second best decision of Liz’s life. The first, naturally, was to run away and join the circus. Since 2006, Liz has been teaching in the air, loving every single moment of engaging and interacting with all student levels.  Working with Cirque du Soleil, and their outreach program Cirque du Monde, Liz traveled the world, and decided to bring her professional skill set back to New York in 2014 where she has been teaching ever since.

S.P.A.D.C. began as a performance group and evolved to include a studio space which offers classes for everyone from beginner to advanced and everything in between. The Performance team, who continues on shows at venues such as The Slipper Room and Dixon Place, now has a home to train, trade ideas, and live our motto “Strong women lift each other up!”

If you’re interested in being a part of the S.P.A.D.C. community, send us a message! We firmly believe that anyone can have an aerial practice and would love to share ours with you!

Be sure to keep  up with us on IG                     for class updates, performance schedules, training vids, and much more!